Melissa Hansen is the wife of a retired Army Seargent. She is one of the co-founders of Continue Mission. A 501-C3 Veteran organization in Utah. Melissa is a mom, grandmother, and friend to the Veteran community. She inspires others with her quiet spirit. Melissa, along with her husband Josh and others started Continue Mission after witnessing the remarkable change in her husband after he participated with some local groups that provided outdoor activities for post 9-11 Vets. Melissa slowly gained her husband back, who had suffered a TBI that ended his military career. Melissa saw the value in what these groups did for the post-911 Vets but wanted to inspire all era veterans. Melissa has inspired others in the group to connect and participate. We’ve become a not just a group of Vets, but a family. Because of her work with the organization, her children can be seen participating and interacting with the Veterans. Even the local community helps with fundraisers and sponsoring activities for CM. Being the wife of a military member is not easy. She is a support member to all the continue mission family. She has inspired others to live a more healthy lifestyle through the activities Continue Mission provides. She promotes suicide prevention among other things. She is a remarkable woman who deserves to be recognized for her devotion to serving the Veteran Community in Utah. She is a very humble and quiet force and I can’t express how much she has helped me in my recovery. She has stood on the side of the trail many times while I cry and say I can’t go anymore. She just waits quietly and then encourages me to go just a little farther. She is amazing and I am so grateful for her in my life.