VH1’s ‘Cartel Crew’ explores the world of crime and the impact on families

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2/4/2019 – Set in Miami, Cartel Crew takes a deep look into the lives of eight descendants of the Cartel life as they navigate adulthood and the effects the legacy has had on their upbringing. Now disconnected from their past, they want to make a name for themselves outside of the drug world, but find that escaping the shadows of their ancestors will come with a price. Money, friendships and love are on the line in this reception store about life after narcos.

Michael Blanco grew up surrounded by crime. The youngest son of Griselda Blanco (the “Cocaine Godmother”), he followed his mother’s footsteps into the drug world. For 33 years he led a criminal lifestyle, but after his mother’s assassination, he decided to quit the Cartel life and launch a personal clothing brand, “Pure Blanco,” to prove he could lead a legal business and life.

After the assassination of her cartel-affiliated father, Kat “Tatu Baby” Flores and her mother fled from New York to Miami, leaving their old life behind. Tatu Baby’s focus now is raising her son and dealing with the prison release of her son’s father, Eddie. 

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