Shockwave therapy solving men’s issues with erectile dysfunction

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The Rocket is some one of the first clinically tested, home use shockwave therapy devices used to help men with a serious issue. Stephanie and Dustin Wolff, the co-inventors say it treats erectile dysfunction and cellulite.

It works on low intensity sound wave therapy, which is been around in Europe for about 25 years. The technology is safe, effective and recognized by the FDA.

It does two things, breaks up plaque in blood vessels and fosters angiogenesis. Erectile dysfunction, or issues in the bedroom, are often caused by a lack of blood flow, which can be a result of plaque buildup. Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. As men age, the blood vessels tend to weaken, and things don’t work the way it works. Yes. So, but

The biggest challenge up to this point, however, has been cost. There are clinics all over the world that use high end medical grade devices, but a series of treatments can go anywhere from $3000 to $10,000. The Rocket was created to reach the 99% of the men out there so they can’t get the treatment.

It’s the same type of treatment and you can do it yourself at home removes the shame and embarrassment factor as well. Its cost effectiveness gives everyone the opportunity to afford the type of treatment. You may also live hundreds of miles away from a clinic to get a series of treatments.

Its draw to women is it also removes cellulite. It can break up scar tissue and plaque buildup, as well as bring new blood vessel formation. Cellulite is scar tissue that’s no longer being fed blood. Once the treatments start, the is blood supply returns and the tissue is more pliable.

Stephanie and Dustin have had great satisfaction pushing this out to the world and helping relationships. They see men visit the clinic, but they also come in with their spouses completely distraught. It’s affecting their marriages or partnerships.

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