Is it just Facebook, or is job satisfaction on the decline?

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Two years ago, Glassdoor ranked Facebook as the “best place to work” in the U.S., drawing in part on reviews posted on the job site by the social media company’s own employees. But continued turbulence at Facebook appears to have taken a toll — the internet giant has tumbled to No. 23 in the latest annual ranking.

If a company like Facebook is struggling to keep its employees happy, what’s happening to job satisfaction. Business Expert, Jeff Lerner, explained that it’s a trend that is representative in most jobs.

Lerner works with a lot of employers and suggests some things bosses can do to improve employees’ morale and performance. When it comes down to it, perks don’t end up making people happy. It’s deeper than that, and a company can focus on language and culture, which he explains in his book Tribal Leadership.

Here are some questions to ask about the average company’s employee satisfaction rating:

  • Are you seeing more and more people leaving the tradition 9-5 job, and trying to start their own businesses?
  • Can you give some advice to people who feel “stuck” in their job, but still scared to take the leap?  
  • Any predictions you can offer for 2020?  

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