Google tech, trends expert shares spring break travel tips

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3/8/2019 — LaToya Drake, Google tech and trends expert shares her insider tips for traveling smart. Whether traveling on a whim this spring or planning to go abroad this summer, LaToya has ideas for safe and savvy travel without breaking the bank. 

Going Abroad: 
Language hacks to help you speak to locals, read signs, and make the most of your trip, getting comfortable in a foreign place.

Being a savvy local: 
how to navigate, make calls, and stay in the know and on a budget.

Last Minute Getaways: 
How to know when to book travel, find hotel deals, and plan an agenda for your trip. If you’re flexible on your destination, you can even explore the best flight deals using Google Flights.

Let Google be your Guide: 
How to use the service to your advantage to find restaurants favored by locals, avoid crowds, use local transit, identify cool local events, and determine don’t-miss landmarks. You can even coordinate with family and friends using GoogleMaps to stay in the loop on where your loved ones are, and even where you’d like to go to dinner.

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