Fridays with Freddie: Sandy Fire Department tackle fire hydrant tips


SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – Officials team up with a special guest to further educate those interested in fire safety on Friday.

The Sandy Fire Department joins Freddie the fire truck to share fun facts about fire hydrants.

“Hey kids! Have you ever wondered about fire hydrants? Why do firefighters need hydrants? Why do we have so many? How can you help us? Learn with Freddie the Firetruck and Deputy Chief McConaghie all about fire hydrants,” writes the department.

According to officials, a fire hydrant is a tool used for fighting fires and are also known as fire plugs, fire pumps, and Johnny pumps.

Fire hydrants are usually found easily on the streets, stuck to the road. They allow firefighters to access water.

In the creative video, fire officials inform Freddie that not all fire hydrants appear the same across the world; showcasing various international pumps such as; hydrants from the Philipines, South Africa, and Germany.

“Did you know, the fire hydrants we use in Utah, don’t have any water in them?” adds Deputy Fire Chief McConaghie.”Because it gets so cold here in the winter, the water inside would freeze, like an ice cube!”

The chief goes on to share that the water instead sits underground in a big pipe called a ‘water main.’

“When firefighters need water, they turn an operating nut, that opens the valve, just like a switch,” adds McConaghie. “This then lets the water come up into the fire hydrant…Firefighters can then hook their fire hose to it”

“In the warmer months, we don’t have to worry about snow, but we do have to worry about bushes, trees, and flowers.” informs the fire chief.

According to officials, when big plants cover a fire hydrant it makes it difficult for firefighters to quickly locate, which is not the best scenario when battling a big fire.

“So friends, if you have a fire hydrant near your house, remind your parents to keep it clear so firefighters can use it,” the Sandy Fire Department concludes. “Stay safe out there, and see you next Friday!”

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