It’s called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. A unique name for the condition, but it’s something all too common in men over the age of 50. It affects nearly half of men by age 60.

Dr. Robert Wayment, a urologist in Ogden, has started using a minimally invasive, in-office procedure to treat patients with BPH.

BPH is a non-cancerous overgrowth of the prostate. The prostate is an organ in men that surrounds the urethra or the urinary tube. As it grows, it impinges or compresses the urethra and makes it difficult to urinate causing some significant symptoms.

It sneaks up on a lot of men, who soon realize they are having to use the restroom all the time, especially at night. Getting up once, twice, becomes three or four times.

Rezum Water Vapor Therapy is a new solution for an enlarged prostate condition. Steam is injected into the prostate where it kills the excess prostate tissue. The body then reabsorbs the tissue to open the urinary tube and allow the urine to come out.

Just recently, Cigna Insurance has started to cover Rezum Water Vapor Therapy.

Go to to learn more about the procedure and to see if you’re a candidate.

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