Winner of Utah’s Best of State for retirement planning two years in a row, BOSS Retirement says the wealthy are concerned about taxes right now for a very good reason.

Spending at both the state and federal levels is soaring while revenue is dropping. Making up the difference is going to have to come from increased taxes, as we know. These taxes could be just around the corner.

Economist don’t usually agree, but they do agree that taxes are lowest they have been in 40 years. They expect taxes to skyrocket in the very near future. If you are a baby boomer, it could hit you just as you retire.

Your retirement funds you were counting on could be a small fraction of what you’d thought it would be. Taxable money from IRA, 401ks, Social Security Benefits and investment income will look different in the future unless you take defensive steps.

The great things is, the many strategies that have helped the wealthy save a fortune in taxes are also available to most Americans.

You can see exactly how much you will save with a Tax Analysis from BOSS Retirement. Visit or call 801-701-8881. It is preferred that you have saved at least 200,000 is savings.

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