We are wishing for snow but if you’re homeowner or a business you’ll want to know what you are required to do when it comes to clearing the snow away from your property. In some cities and counties in this state, like Salt Lake City, there are requirements for snow removal. Laws for snow removal in Salt Lake City say that within 24 hours after a snow storm that property owners (homeowners, business owners, etc.) are required to clean the walkways around their property. It’s probably a good idea for everybody to contact their city and find out the ordinances. You can look up the city code to figure out if there’s a similar obligation in your city.

What if someone slips and falls on your property? 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you as a property owner is going be held liable in those instances. It
depends upon the nature of the condition that existed. If the condition that caused injury was unreasonably dangerous and the homeowner knew about it and it was also reasonable that people
entering the property wouldn’t likely discover that unreasonable danger, then in those instances they may be held liable.

The law around these cases is somewhat complicated and it is fact-specific. The Advocates encourage people that are injured in a slip-and-fall case to give them a call so they can help you understand if you have a case or not. The Advocates now have locations up and down the state from Ogden, Salt Lake City, American Fork, to St. George. If you would like more information call The Advocates at 801-355-5550 or visit UtahAdvocates.com

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