Reagan Leadbetter with ABC4 Utah spoke with Andrew Reinhart of Wasatch Medical Clinic today about what precautions their staff is taking with COVID-19 to keep their patients safe and how they can help you keep the romance alive in the bedroom during these stressful times.

Wasatch Medical Clinic is making sure they are checking the temperatures of everyone before they enter the office. Their office is cleaned and disinfected multiple times a day, washing hands, and of course, they’re wearing face masks to keep staff and patients safe and healthy.

Wasatch Medical Clinic is the only clinic in Utah to offer patients the latest breakthrough in ED treatment, the True Pulse Protocol, also known as acoustic wave or low-intensity shockwave therapy. We combine radial shockwave and focused shockwave for one of the most comprehensive and effective treatments in the country.

The True Pulse Protocol is a type of acoustic wave therapy that utilizes acoustical, pulsating sound waves to rebuild, strengthen, and open up the blood vessels. It will additionally remove any plaque buildup that naturally occurs as a man ages.

Wasatch Medical Clinic offers treatment that is needle-free, surgery-free, and drug-free. They treat the root cause of ED, not just the symptoms, and of course, all information is confidential.

Visit Wasatch Medical Clinic for additional information or call (801) 901-8000 to make an appointment.

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