New Acoustic Wave Therapy helping young and old struggling with ED

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Are you or the man in your life struggling with issues in the bedroom? Andrew Rinehart from Wasatch Medical Clinic joined us to talk about a breakthrough solution for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

Many men have the common misconception that erectile dysfunction is the result of low testosterone, but it’s actually a physical issue rather than a hormonal one. Men of all ages, from their 20s to their 90s, can experience erectile dysfunction.

Wasatch Medical Clinic uses a procedure called Acoustic Wave Therapy to open up blood vessels, leading to a more natural function. The best part is there are no needles, no pills, no surgery and no hormones. This procedure is not just a temporary fix for erectile dysfunction, it treats the cause of the problem permanently.

For a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction call (801) 901-8000 now for a free consultation for Valentine’s Day with a medical doctor and learn more at

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