Today’s guest on ABC4 knows what it is like to lose a dream and have to start all over again. From a promising baseball career cut short by an injury to losing his job as a civil engineer to the 2008 economic collapse. 

Ivan Tapia has started over several times but he is now living his dream as a network marketing entrepreneur, international speaker, author, and his new dream is to impact the lives of 1 billion people.

He joins us today with advice in this time of starting over. Ivan has been one of the most important Latino entrepreneurs in the world of network marketing and within other industries as well.

Ivan tells people “don’t only do one job look for an extra source of income always diversify because you always want to be ready.” This is something that he feels is important for someone to exceed with everything going on in the world right now.

Ivan Tapia is inspiring entrepreneurs in touch times. He has written books and is on his way to impacting 1 Billion people.

For more information about Ivan you can visit his website.

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