OREM, Utah (ABC 4 News) – Intermountain Healthcare is helping to slow the rise in healthcare costs and improve the health of employees at US Synthetic, by operating and managing an on-site clinic.

Employees at US Synthetic don’t have to go far if they don’ feel well, their doctor is attached to their work.
Heather Clarke and her family have been going to the US Synthetic Clinic since it opened in 2012. Heather’s husband works for the company and together they have four kids.  The family has seen Doctor Scoville for pretty much everything.

Clarke explained, “Countless, countless visits for everything like well-child checks, to athletic physicals, and he has the kids since they were really little.” The convenience and the care make this a winning combo for the family. Clarke continued, “Dr. Scoville can take more time with you and you don’t feel rushed and he just knows us really well because it has been so long – we come here for everything.”

The clinic is staffed by an Intermountain Physician, Practice Director, Care Coordinator, and Medical Assistants. It’s just like any other clinic, except their patient load is different. Dr. Spencer Scoville explained his clinic “has a closed population – everyone on their insurance – the goal is to help minimize healthcare for the company and provide ease of access.

Since November 2020, this Intermountain Clinic has used a “Reimagined Primary Care” model of Value-based care.  This focuses on prevention and keeping people well.  They do the regular care but are also more proactive to get people in the clinic for preventative care.

Dr. Scoville said, “The hope is reduced unneeded care and increased needed care.” Patients of this clinic get phone calls about their care; if they forget about an appointment, the office won’t. Dr. Scoville continued, “Maybe they are getting phone calls they haven’t gotten in the past and invitations to come and follow up where they may have been lost to follow up previously.”

The clinic works with each patient to make sure they are cared for and their health is a priority.  The efforts create happy families and employees are better equipped to do their work.  Data shows patients who see these providers are less likely to go to the ER or be admitted to the hospital, saving money for the individual families.

For additional information about Intermountain Healthcare, please visit their website. If you or a family member is experiencing a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

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