Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 UTAH) — Long COVID is defined as continued symptoms six weeks after having COVID.  These symptoms can manifest in a variety of body systems and range from SOB to brain fog to anxiety/depression. The Intermountain Healthcare post-COVID clinic will take patients who have these continued symptoms after 6 weeks or who were hospitalized for COVID, particularly in the intensive care unit.

The Intermountain Healthcare Long COVID navigation line is 801-408-5888. This line has a recording that will direct patients on where to reach out to based on their particular long covid concerns (as currently the Long COVID clinic is in a couple of locations).

The Schmidt Chest Clinic at Intermountain Medical Center is where patients with pulmonary manifestations of Long COVID are seen, or patients who are post hospitalization, particularly if they were in the ICU, as this is where the Post-ICU Syndrome clinic is, as well.

Visit the Intermountain Healthcare website for additional information.

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