Bad hearing spawns problems with the brain

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When Dr. Enoch Cox visited yesterday, it was surprising to hear that bad hearing can result in something like losing brain mass.

The ears are the biggest pipeline of information to your brain. As we age we can lose cells in the ear and the pipeline can close, starving the brain for information. The brain can even shrink up to 1 cubic centimeter (the size of a sugar cube) per year because of a lack of hearing.

My Hearing Centers is trying to get the word out that todays’ hearing aids are not old and clunky like we might think. You may still picture a hearing aid worn by older generations. New aids are smaller and don’t replace hearing like older technology, but enhance what you hear. Depending on the type of hearing loss there are a myriad of options to help. My Hearing Center is looking for people to test new hearing aids.

Signs You Might Have Hearing Loss
Others say you ask, “What?” to often
At a restaurant voices aren’t clear, sounds like people are mumbling
Turning the volume to loud on the TV

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