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You can have my kidney

Utah Caring Stories

(ABC4 UTAH NEWS – Salt Lake City, UT) Ed Cameron’s kidneys are failing. We met while he was getting dialysis. He told me about the machine that he is hooked up to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for up to 4 hours. “That long tube that you see at the end over there is the actual artificial kidney itself.  The blood runs through that. It’s filtered, and it runs through there and it goes back into my body. They basically take everything out and put everything back in.”

Many years ago, Ed served in the United States Army and was stationed in Germany. Coincidentally, Ed’s neighbor in American Fork, Spencer Cannon did as well. Spencer told me; “We didn’t know each other then. When I found out he had served, and we had served in Germany at the same time. That made our bond closer as friends.”

These brothers-in-arms share a love of music. Ed commented; “When I first met Spencer I remember seeing him singing in church in choir and thought isn’t that the Sherriff?”
That’s not the only thing they are going to share. Spencer is donating a kidney to Ed.  Spencer explained; “He told me, yeah, it’s time I need to start getting some people tested for kidney donation. I said, well I’ll get tested and see if I qualify to see if we are a match.  Ed’s a good friend. I’d do anything for him.”

Ed is grateful and amazed; “It is absolutely incredible that a white person that happens to be in law enforcement is going to step up to the plate for an average joe black person and donate a kidney to save my life.”

I’m glad to report that the surgery was successful. As they reunited in the hospital just after the surgery. Ed said; “Spencer, you saved my life bro.” Spencer replied, “You made my life better.”

They are both home from the hospital They came to the ABC4 Utah studios to give us a status report. They are both a little tender…in body and spirit. 

They shared a rendition of Ed’s favorite hymn and then got reflective. Ed said; “At 2 percent kidney function. He came in in the nick of time. Just like a first responder and he saved my life. I’m grateful bro.” Spencer humbly replied; “It was the right thing to do.” 

These stories deserve to be told. These are Utah Caring Stories. I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News. 

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