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Mopsy and flopsy

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(ABC4 News – SANDY, UT) Beatrix Potter wrote “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” back in 1902. It tells the antics that Peter Rabbit and his sister’s Mopsy and Flopsy have with a local gardener. More about Mopsy and Flopsy in a bit. 

In the meantime, this Utah Caring Stories focuses on Isabella Eskelson. She told me about one of her pet projects; “They are more of a house pet like you would keep a dog or a cat. They love being around humans and they love all the daily attention. They can be litter box trained so it is super easy to care for them. They just need some gentle loving people.”

Isabella loves rabbits; “I’m 14 years old and I am the founder of MAR Animal Rescue.”

I asked her how in the world did she get into rescuing rabbits? “When I was about 12 years old I got my first bunny and his name was Toby. A couple months later we got another one and his name was Max. They kind of inspired me to start this. There wasn’t any rescue at the time that we’re caring for rabbits. “

How many rescue rabbits does Isabella have? “We have Thirteen. Harley, Harper, Sammy, Ginger, Powder, Oreo, Grey, Princess, Minnie, Lucky, Lucy, Eli and Carrots. “

What does MAR Animal Rescue do? “We take them in. We get them healthy and we get them spayed and neutered. Inform people on proper care and find them loving homes.”

One of those loving homes is with Aubrey Iris and her family. They adopted two rabbits from Isabella.

Aubrey told me; “It’s a commitment for sure, but they’re really sweet cuddly pets and I love them.” 

So, what are their names? Check out the beginning of this story if you need a hint. Aubrey continued; “Their names are Flopsy and Mopsy, so my kids named them. From the Beatrix Potter books. The Peter Rabbit books, so that the name of Peter’s two sisters’ bunnies.”

Isabella has rescued nearly 70 rabbits since starting MAR Animal Rescue.  She said with a smile; “It makes me feel very excited just to know that they will have a family there for them their whole life and be able to live out the rest of their life in peace and being loved.” 

With another Utah Caring Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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