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(ABC4 NEWS – CENTERVILLE, UTAH) Shawnee and Jordan Griffeth have been married 11 years.

Infertility has a cost, both emotionally and financially for couples like the Griffeths.

They told me; “They give you ranges, but usually $30,000 to $50,000 for the adoption.”

After having what they call their Miracle Baby, Carter, they chose to adopt when it doctors said that the chances of having another child were remote.

I asked Jordan what kind of things did you do to help this birthmother chose you? He said; “Jaxon’s birth mom, when she was choosing a family. She had already chosen one before us. She had the feeling to go back and look through the books. And look and see if there were any other families that maybe she really didn’t pay attention to. She came upon us again and thought, boy, that is the family that Jaxon needs to go to.”

When I asked Shawnee what it was like to meet their new son for the first time she got emotional; “The minute that nurse put him in my arms I knew without a doubt that he was meant to me my little boy.”

What would Jordan say to a birth mother that is thinking of placing a child? “I could only think of how courageous that could be. To give that child to a family that can’t have children and give them a gift like that is one of the greatest things you could ever give somebody.”

The Griffeth family has been on what they call a rollercoaster of emotions with adoption. For other families of thinking on getting on that wild ride they say; “It takes a lot of patience, and faith and hope.”

Talking about hope, you can find an abundance at the Griffeth home. Shawnee put it this way; “How do you not have hope when we see both our boys, who are both miracles and see their faces and get to be their Mom and Dad every day. How do you continue to have hope when we weren’t sure if we would have any kids? That gives me all the hope in the world.”

These stories deserve to be told. These are Utah Caring Stories. I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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