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Don’t feel sorry for me

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Sometimes we don’t have a lot of control on what happens in our lives. But I strongly believe that one of things we can control is how we you react. This Utah Caring Stories feature is an example of that human spirt.

John Beard got Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA. Basically, a Staph infection that got way out of control.

He told me; “Come to find out my organs were starting to shut down for some reason. I got life flighted from Logan Regional down to Ogden. They put me on life support in ICU.”

Come to find out that John actually died in the hospital and was revived. He was in a coma for nearly 6 months.

Dr. Scott Haupt was one of John’s doctors. “We had salvaged his foot, but it very painful to walk on. If you’re always in pain with every step you want something better. Eventually it came about, that okay, I’m tired of the pain. Let’s try the amputation as the next step.”

John got his right foot amputated on his birthday in 2014.

John showed me his colorful artwork on his prosthetic. “These are what I would call my yearly tatts. They’re just pajama bottoms glued on to fiberglass. the muscle actually builds itself and stiffens up as if it was an actual foot to walk on.”

One year later his right foot was amputated. Again, on his birthday.

It was interesting to see that John is glad to get the chance to talk about his experience. He showed me what is left of his leg with a metal pin protruding. He explained; “That actually is silicone. Oh okay. That is silicone that is put over the leg. The sock is a spacer between the leg and the silicone.”

I asked Dr. Haupt about the role of attitude in healing. “I honestly think that those people heal better. It’s just amazing how a positive attitude can bring forth the best out in each person and bring forth good medical care.”

John gets a A+ for attitude. His pet peeve? When people say to him “I’m sorry.” He said with an enthusiastic smile; “Don’t be sorry for me. I’m still alive here. Yeah, I’ve got prosthetics or yeah, I’ve got to use a wheelchair when I take them off., but I’m alive and well and doing good.”

If that isn’t positive attitude I don’t know what is.

These stories deserve to be told. These are Utah Caring Stories. I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.


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