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Cleanbox Joins The Live Immersive VR Performance Space With Ferryman Collective Collaboration at SXSW

Find WiiLii SXSW


LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Cleanbox is thrilled to announce that their cleaning system will keep the audience safe and protected from 99.999% of all viruses, at the world premiere of Ferryman Collective's newest immersive live VR performance, Find WiiLii at SXSW Conference and Festival this March.

Originally created by GiiÖii Storytelling studio, this English version of Find WiiLii is directed by Whitton Frank who co-wrote the translation of this VR production from its original Korean along with fellow Ferryman Collective producer and performer, Deirdre V. Lyons.

Amy Hedrick CEO says about the collaboration, “Cleanbox is not only an essential product for VR in business applications, it’s just as vital for keeping people safe as we enter the next wave of immersive entertainment. Cleanbox patented engineering is consistent, safe and easy to use. Cleanbox is positioned for easy integration with 21st century entertainment productions and attractions that require VR headsets.”

Braden Roy, a Ferryman Collective producer and performer on the project, follows by saying “We are grateful to have Cleanbox here with us at SXSW to make sure our VR headsets are kept as safe as possible, that’s a priority for us, and it helps give our participants peace of mind.”

This is Ferryman Collective’s second year in a row bringing live immersive theater to SXSW, having garnered the Audience Award in 2022 for Gumball Dreams, a production that Charlie Fink of Forbes proclaimed “...as real and sincere as any interaction you have with a friend in real life.”

The original, Korean version of Find WiiLii was selected as a "Development Showcase" at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival XR Market, drawing attention early on in its planning stage. GiiÖii's CEO Rene Hyewon Lee says,"We are honored to have produced Welcome to Respite Korean Edition last year and are excited to bring Find WiiLii to life in English."

“When approached by GiiÖii,” explains Ferryman co-founder and Find WiiLii producer, Stephen Butchko, “We were excited to collaborate once again with this incredible team, and their show Find WiiLii, with its sci-fi feel, it brings us back to our first production, PARA, there’s a beautiful serendipity there.”

Festival goers will be able to experience Find WiiLii by signing up at the XR Exhibition in the Fairmont Austin Hotel:
101 Red River St. Austin, TX 78701
3rd Floor, Congressional Ballroom

March 11, press day: 3pm and 5pm CT
March 12, 13 and 14: 12pm, 2pm and 4pm CT
These are Austin, TX Times
Show Length: Aprox. 60 minutes

Special Requirements:
Show does contain flashing lights, so epilepsy is a concern.

About Cleanbox
The defining purpose of Cleanbox is to provide a powerful tool in the fight against contagions. Cleanbox products provide the highest efficacy against surface contagions, with consistent, human-error free results. Cleanbox developed and patented a proprietary UVC LED system to address the complicated and hard to clean surfaces of expensive devices. Cleanbox envisions a huge demand for a variety of use cases in XR.

About Ferryman Collective
Was born of the desire to explore what storytelling, interaction, immersion and entertainment can be rather than what it has been, to define a new generation of media with live performance in XR. We are a new kind of virtual reality studio, paving the way forward in this brave new world.
With a passionate team of multidisciplinary talents, Ferryman Collective aims to take you on unprecedented journeys into fantastic worlds and stories previously thought to be the stuff of dreams.

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