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Ann Dishinger Chicago Fashion Designer Interviews with IdeaMensch

A picture of a fashion designer’s mood board with papers and fabric swatches on it

A picture of a fashion designer’s mood board like Ann Dishinger's with papers and fabric swatches on it

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A new exclusive interview with Ann Dishinger recently went up on Idea Mensch’s website. The Chicago-based fashion designer sat down to answer job-related questions as she continues to grow in her industry.

According to Dishinger, breaking into the fashion design and styling industry takes hard work and determination. She knew early on that she wanted to work for herself, which meant doing extra work right after college. She talks about leaning on her mentors and networking, setting her up for success.

The interviewee asked Ann Dishinger about a typical day as a freelancer to get an idea of how she can keep a work-life balance.

Following a passion and making it a profession has allowed Dishinger to thrive without feeling the pressure of long hours. Her professional career didn’t launch until post-college, but design and styling started as a hobby in elementary school.

The interview follows the theme of many others on ideamench.com. It's geared towards helping people learn more about Ann Dishinger Chicago, the successful fashion designer, and inspiring others to succeed independently.

A lot of the answers provided by Dishinger can apply to other industries. Entrepreneurs can learn more about what makes them successful, whether it’s the habits she talks about or the advice provided.

Near the end of the interview, some creative questions are featured to get unique answers from Ann Dishinger. She details the best $100 she spent recently, a book she recommends, and something she believes is true but most disagree with.

These questions allow readers to learn more about Dishinger’s personality instead of keeping the interview business-oriented only. To date, this is her most extended interview as a professional.

Having a chance to tell her story is something she hopes to do more of in the future. It helps get her name out there as a fashion designer and gives back to the entrepreneur community, hoping to pick up tips.

Readers can check out Ann Dishinger’s and other interviews on the website. Each interview follows a similar format to help readers gain relevant information.

About Ann Dishinger

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Dishinger is a fashion designer and stylist working for herself. She’s built an extensive client base with her creativity and personal touch. A lifelong fashion lover, she’s turned it into her full-time career after graduating college with a BFA in Fashion Design.

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