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inHarmony Highlights Top Wellness Trends To Promote A Better YOU For 2023

inHarmony Co-Founder, Craig Goldberg

inHarmony Co-Founder, Craig Goldberg

inHarmony Co-Founder, Craig Goldberg speaks on 2023 wellness trends, inclusive of tech-assisted meditation, tech-forward smartphone apps and holistic therapies.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As a chance for new beginnings and a new you, Certified Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner and Co-Founder of inHarmony Interactive, Craig Goldberg, explains upcoming wellness trends for 2023 that promote relaxation, improve mental health and optimize wellness.

Over the last few years, health and wellness have taken on greater importance and more significant meaning. Now more than ever, people are more committed to making better decisions which lead to better results and with that, Craig explains three upcoming trends for 2023: Tech-assisted Meditation, Wellness Apps and Holistic Therapies.

“For generations, Buddhist monks have been able to quickly access a deep meditative state by using vibration and sound. We now have the tools and tech to get you there quickly, without 20 years of isolation high in the Himalayas. Meditation turns on the body's parasympathetic nervous system leading to a decrease in heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. It’s vital to access a peaceful state of mind to maintain mind, body and spiritual health.” Craig explains, “In 2023, it’s important for individuals to prioritize taking care of their mind to increase overall health.”

In 2023 anyone can meditate. Tech-assisted Meditation is just that, meditation assisted by technology. Sound, light, frequency, vibration, electromagnetic and infrared energy can all be used to entrain the brain and body into a deep meditative state. These technologies can show you how to get there. Once you have the directions, you can get back there with or without the tech. With these tools we can finally set aside the words “I can’t meditate”.

In 2023, let’s use our phones for the greater good. Rather than aimlessly scrolling, there are a multitude of apps that people use to support their health and wellness activities. From meditation apps like Insight Timer and Headspace to new entrants like inHarmony; Music Meditations App, which provide over 225 relaxing music meditations and soundscapes to blissfully relax your mind, body and spirit through tracks which vary in length from two minutes to two hours. To amplify your inHarmony experience, pick up an inHarmony Meditation Cushion and download the inHarmony app for tech-assisted meditation using vibroacoustic therapy for relaxation, improved mental health, and optimal human performance.

Lastly, practitioners are seeing huge interest in holistic therapies. This includes sound baths, IV therapy, crystal therapy, red and blue light therapy, hot and cold therapy, other energy healing work, frequency therapy, PEMF and infrared treatments. inHarmony’s tech-assisted meditation cushions and vibroacoustic therapy tech balances well with all of it. We’re seeing our tech as the cornerstone and main showcase at Wellness Centers all around the world.

Testimonial: “Using inHarmony’s next-level technology to enhance my meditation practice has been life changing!” says Sean Simon, an inHarmony Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge customer, “After years of unsuccessful meditation practice, the Sound Lounge has given me access to all the benefits I’ve been looking for in addition to providing a doorway into consciousness expansion I never thought possible. I’m GRATEFUL beyond belief for this tool.”

About inHarmony
inHarmony uses a patented system of tech-assisted sound and vibration therapies to quickly and comfortably put the user into a deep meditative state. The combination of Vibro-Tactile Stimulation and Vibro-Acoustic Technology delivers fast and effective whole body relaxation. The inHarmony community is on a mission to revolutionize America’s approach to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through sound and vibration. Say goodbye to a distracted mind. Download the app today. Learn more: www.iaminharmony.com

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