WarmKiss Debuts Two New Luxury, Cost-Effective Bedding Solutions to Help Resolve Persistent Sleep Problems - New Mattress Topper and Sheet Set Offer Improved Sleep for Enhanced Quality of Life -

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 24, 2023 / High-quality, cost-effective, and trusted bedding company WarmKiss is proud to announce the launch of two new products that promise to resolve sleep problems and provide customers with a quality night's sleep. The bedding solutions company has debuted its BreezeRest Cooling Mattress Topper and Gentle Bamboo Sheet Set, both of which offer a comfortable, luxurious sleep experience while remaining affordable for the everyday consumer.

The BreezeRest Cooling Mattress Topper is the ideal solution for a more restful sleep, helping to relax the body and provide much-needed back pain relief. The hypoallergenic down alternative feather bed adds 2.5 inches of softness to any mattress, with enduring comfort that gently cushions pressure points such as the shoulders and hips. In addition, the innovative Baffle Box construction prevents shifting and provides up to 20 inches of deep sleep. This cutting-edge new sleep solution is durable and wear-resistant, OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety, and machine washable and dryable.

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The BreezeRest Cooling Mattress Topper also features a cooling fitted sheet, extremely high thermal conductivity, and heat dissipation-making it an excellent choice for a "hot sleeper" or any bedroom that battles humidity and heat. It quickly transfers body heat to outside the fabric, preventing the accumulation of heat and allowing the body to remain cool, reduce sweating, and balance body temperature. The BreezeRest Cooling Mattress Topper provides a consistent cooling experience for improved comfort from the time you fall asleep until the time you wake up.

WarmKiss' Gentle Bamboo Sheet Set is the newest bedding option for those who appreciate an eco-friendly sleep experience that maintains the ultimate in luxury. Made with 100 percent premium viscose from bamboo fabric, the Bamboo Sheet Set has high thermal conductivity technology that keeps users cool during sleep. Featuring moisture-wicking technology, the sheets are antibacterial and free from harmful chemicals, making them a smart choice for those who battle allergies. The 300-count, low-maintenance, wrinkle-free Gentle Bamboo Sheet Set is ultra-soft, with softness increasing with every wash, and perfect for those seeking a hassle-free yet high-comfort sleep experience.

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"WarmKiss is proud to introduce two cutting-edge sleep products that represent what our brand is all about-quality, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and resolving the most persistent sleep issues," said WarmKiss's marketing director. "The BreezeRest Cooling Mattress Topper and Gentle Bamboo Sheet Set are both best-in-class products that are elevating the standard of quality sleep, allowing consumers to achieve optimal sleep every night and awaken feeling refreshed without any aches and pains. We are proud to help consumers eliminate sleep issues of all kinds with these products, whether they have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experience discomfort when waking up."

Since its inception, WarmKiss has been focused on providing customers with products that help them sleep better, combining durability with luxury for long-term quality sleep. The leading brand understands the emotional and physical benefits of a good night's sleep, and has remained focused on developing innovative new products that cater to the various needs of consumers with a wide range of sleep problems. Over the years, the brand has built immense credibility and trust in delivering on luxury, quality, comfort, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and customer service.

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"WarmKiss strives to be a brand that is synonymous with quality and reliability, with customer trust at the center of our efforts," said WarmKiss's marketing director. "We have become the go-to bedding brand for countless consumers who know our products will deliver on their unique needs in a cost-effective manner. It is our goal to continue providing them with an improved sleep experience that enhances their quality of life through sound sleep. We are eager to see the reception to our newest products, and confident they are a quality addition to our top-rated line of sleep products."

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Warmkiss is a brand that is all about providing premium quality bedding for our customers. At Warmkiss we want to prove that we are caring toward our customers and their loved ones. Our products are of high-end quality, bringing the luxurious feeling we want to reflect to our customers. Every aspect of Warmkiss is about meeting our customers' needs. We are providing a cloud-like product that is high quality and we do it in a way that people would love to have in their community.

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