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Tax Information You Need to Know About Your Retirement Accounts

BOSS Retirement

Ryan and Tyson Thacker from BOSS Retirement Solutions explain how IRA’s and 401K’s are great retirement savings vehicles. Making contributions into these accounts is easy but getting your money out is a totally different story- but why? Ryan and Tyson talk taxes from these accounts and what you should expect and how you can legally pay much less. It’s all about having a forward-looking tax stragety and BOSS Retirement Solutions can help.

If you don’t have a strategy to withdraw money from your IRA or 401K:

1. You could trigger higher taxes on your social security benefits 

2. You could trigger an investment surtax 

3. You could trigger higher capital gains taxes 

4. And you could even trigger higher Medicare premiums.

Discover how you could legally pay fewer taxes on your IRA, 401K or other retirement account with a Retirement Tax Analysis from BOSS Retirement Solutions right here in Salt Lake City.

If you’ve saved $200,000, be one of the first 10 callers right now at (801) 701-88-81. 

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