“Jack”, who BOSS Retirement refers to as for privacy sake, worked in the mining the majority of his career. He had literally risked his life at times to raise his family and save money for retirement. His plan was to take out retirement benefits at 65 as well as his wife retiring early. Jack and his wife learned from Ryan and Tyson Thacker about the huge chunks of money being taken out of both of their social security check, 12.4% to be exact. 

Jack and his wife were putting in Social Security over $250,000 over their working years. This is probably the case with the money that you will contribute to your social security over the course of 30, 40 even 50 years. Jack discovered that social security is complicated and complex. Figuring out how to withdraw and claim benefits after you have retired is the wrong time learn. One little mistake can literally cost thousands of dollars being withheld from you in your retirement years.

BOSS Retirement loves to make sure families and individuals have a plan before retiring. A social security audit will be offered for free to the first ten callers who call (801) 601-1243 after the initial airing of this segment.

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