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What individuals who receive greater tax benefits are doing that you aren’t

BOSS Retirement

Did you know that two different people in nearly identical scenarios could receive dramatically different amounts of Social Security benefits?

Ryan Thacker from BOSS Retirement Solutions says they see this scenario nearly every day.

Two different people, but nearly identical situations. They could have the same age, income, and retirement date, but they get drastically different results when it comes to Social Security.

Those who aren’t getting the benefit like the other person, don’t have a strategy. In other words, they just take their Social Security benefits at face value. Everyone needs to have a plan and a strategy so they can know exactly when and how to withdraw Social Security in order to maximize the spousal benefits minimize tax and avoid Medicare premiums increasing drastically.

Most advisers charge hundreds of dollars to address the long list of things that contribute to this decision. BOSS Retirement Solutions won’t charge a dime. For the first 20 viewers on the show today, they will receive a free analysis to help make decision and avoid mistakes.

If you’ve saved at least $200,000 for retirement, call right now 801-701-8881.

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