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Special strategies to minimize taxes when withdrawing from social security

BOSS Retirement

Claiming your social security benefits impacts more than just your social security check, it can impact how much you can pay in taxes, Medicare premiums, forfeiting your spousal benefits, and even cost you then of thousands all throughout your retirement life.

According to Ryan, you can have two different people with nearly identical situations. They could have the same age, the same income, and they could have the same retirement date, but they get drastically different results when it comes to social security. And here’s the challenge. It can be a difference of 10s of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime income they receive.

People need to have a plan and a strategy where they can know exactly when and how to take Social Security and be able to know how to maximize the spousal benefits, minimize taxes, and avoid Medicare premiums increasing drastically. 

Unfortunately most people don’t have a clue how taxes works and claims can trigger an avalanche of taxes. To help figure out where to start call 801-701-8881 or visit

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