SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Did you know that if you’ve been a good saver our system punishes people like you? You could get clobbered by taxes when it comes time to retire.

If you’re being a good saver and trying to save money that should be a good thing. The reality is, if you handle retirement wrong then you could get absolutely hammered from taxes throughout your retirement years.

Not having a strategy to withdraw your social security savings will lose you a lot of money in taxes.

The key is acting now even though retirement is down the line. Savers also must start working on planning some simple strategies, for example, when to withdraw those funds out of those accounts.

Right now, savers are in a great place in the financial system to be able to move the money in toward their retirement years and save that money.

Whether it’s an IRA, a 401k or income in retirement or even Social Security BOSS can help people save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes okay with a tax analysis.

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