The original Audi TT with its Bauhaus-inspired design is an icon, but nevertheless Niels van Roij Design is taking on the challenge of improving the looks with its latest restomod project.

The Dutch car customizer and coachbuilder this week announced plans for a one-off restomod of the original TT Roadster, which will pay homage to the original TTS Roadster concept of 1995 and also celebrate the end of the TT’s 25-year production run.

Company founder and lead designer Niels van Roij said the restomod will focus on elevating the sophistication of the original TT Roadster, bringing it closer to the concept car.

This will be achieved via subtle tweaks to the front and rear fascias, as well as to the side windows, rear deck, and trunk lid. Additional details, including the side mirrors and wheels, will also be enhanced, van Roij said.

The commission was made by Jos Baijens, a Dutch designer famous for his eyewear collection. He’s also a fan of the TT, having owned multiple examples.

Audi recently confirmed that the TT, at least in its current form, will bow out after the 2023 model year. The automaker has been rolling out a series of final editions, including a TT Roadster Final Edition that’s exclusive to the U.S.

The TT’s demise was announced as far back as 2019. A replacement is planned, though it will be an electric vehicle and not necessarily sit in the same segment as previous generations. It might not even go by the TT name, which was taken from the Isle of Man TT race where historic brands NSU and DKW (both later folded into Audi) saw multiple successes with their motorcycles. NSU previously used the name for a sporty version of its Prinz coupe.

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