Tyson Romero

With roots in Salt Lake City and a head forever stuck in the clouds, Tyson Romero works as a Digital Reporter for ABC4.com.  

Tyson has been a writer and producer for several years, with many spent at ABC4 Utah working on the broadcast and digital end of the station’s various lifestyle shows.   

His career in journalism first began with a college internship at Good Things Utah, where he fell in love with news and television. From there, he expanded his content creation background with roles in advertising, digital marketing, reporting, and even video production. 

In his current role as a Digital Reporter, he’ll be sharing the stories that matter with online readers to give insight into our Utah community and the up-to-date facts that affect everyday life. Even more, his key responsibilities will focus on making a lasting difference and giving a voice to those who need it most.  

While writing is one of his most obvious passions, he likes to unwind with hobbies like golf, hiking, graphic design, acting, and video games. His nerdy side is obvious — often seen on the job with thick glasses, superhero memorabilia, and a sea of random post-it notes to keep him on top of the day’s most important (but sometimes forgettable) information. 

You’ll find Tyson spending quality time with family and friends outside of work — likely up to no good, and probably in sweatpants.   If you’d like to connect with Tyson for a story, reach out to him directly via his company email at tromero@abc4.com

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