Stacker transforms data into stories.

We are on a mission to produce and distribute engaging data journalism to the world’s news organizations. Founded in 2017, Stacker combines data analysis with rich editorial context, drawing on authoritative sources and subject matter experts to drive storytelling. Stacker stories are read by millions of readers each month on, as well as across hundreds of publishing partner sites, including MSN, Newsweek, Hearst Newspapers, and more.

Stacker’s newsroom leverages a unique blend of research analysts and journalists. Each story begins with analysis of public and private data sets around newsworthy topics to help understand current events. From there, our editorial team brings the data to life–weaving in rich insights and crucial context to produce engaging stories ranging from rankings and lists to quizzes and data visualizations.

Our data-driven approach to storytelling has resonated with more than just our readers. Today, Stacker powers a newswire for local and national news partners, offering a sustainable source of engaging, research features for the world’s best publications, as well as a content studio lending our journalistic expertise to brands to help them reach new audiences through newsworthy, data-driven storytelling.

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