Sophie Bress

Sophie Bress is a digital reporter for ABC4. Before joining the team at Utah’s first TV station, Sophie covered dance and music for a variety of national and local publications in print and online. In 2020, she earned her Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California, where she received a selective travel grant award funding the reporting for her thesis.

Though she enjoyed her time in sunny Southern California, as a Wyoming native, Utah’s mountains called to Sophie and now, she couldn’t be happier living and writing in the Mountain West. 

At ABC4, Sophie enjoys covering the arts, local culture, and the outdoors, but she loves the fact that journalism gives her the freedom to be curious about everything. She’s always looking for unique perspectives on complex issues that are affecting Utahns.

In her free time, Sophie loves to be outside: taking a hike, skiing, or just lying in her hammock with a good book. 

If you have a story tip for Sophie, please feel free to contact her at

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