Ryan Bittan

Ryan Bittan is a Los Angeles native and has been a journalist since 2021. He has lived in seven different cities, including where he now resides — Salt Lake City. He loves snowboarding, surfing, cats, music, cooking, movies and writing.

Ryan’s interests could be considered odd to some. He loves looking for a nicely shaped rock and taking pictures of bugs to submit to a bug-recognition app. He will both watch a professional video game competition as though it were the World Series and stay up at night watching PBS Frontline documentaries that would put any “normal” person in a coma. He can eat pesto by the spoonful. His favorite sandwich has only two ingredients: tomato, mayo (well, lots of salt and pepper too). In fact, there is not a single food he doesn’t like. He drives a 1994 Chevy truck that he blows kisses to every time he parks and walks away. His favorite childhood albums include The Offspring’s “Smash” and Outkast’s “Aquemini.” And some say he’s not too bad at playing the piano.

Ryan came to Salt Lake City in search of a dream: freedom. He has found it here and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. In the winter, you can catch him boarding at Snowbasin Resort. In the summer, you can find him playing darts and listening to old cassette tapes in his friend’s garage. His favorite SLC establishment is Lone Star Taqueria, and if you dare him to eat something very, very spicy, he will happily oblige.

If you have any story ideas, leads or just comments you’d like Ryan to hear about, feel free to reach out to rbittan@abc4.com.

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