Megan Brugger

Megan Brugger found her passion for journalism in high school while working on her school’s newspaper and yearbook – although if you ask her, that passion traces back to 2010 when she made her hometown’s local news for meeting David Archuleta. She quickly fell in love with the idea of storytelling and appreciates the human connection aspect the field allows, as she strives for balance, accuracy, and fairness in her work. 

She is a student at Brigham Young University studying Communications with an emphasis in Journalism, with a minor in Global Women’s Studies. She has worked as a reporter and editor at The Daily Universe, where she is the current Editor in Chief. Megan enjoys interning here at ABC4. 

Despite being from a small town, Megan is fond of big(ger) city life. Throughout her studies, she has traveled to New York City and Europe, competing at conferences and telling stories along the way. She most recently made a documentary in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia on the Riga, Latvia Ghetto, and Rumbula Forest, and was published in “Memoria Magazine” – the online magazine dedicated to the history of Auschwitz and the Holocaust. These experiences emphasized to her the importance of being a voice for the voiceless – telling stories for those who are unable to themselves and reinforced her dedication to journalism. Additionally, in 2023 Megan won the Society of Professional Journalists’ Region 9 Mark of Excellence Award for general news reporting in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys going to concerts, skateboarding with her friends, and hanging out with her nephews. 

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