Jordan Burrows

Jordan Burrows, JB, is a Hoosier, but ready to become a Utahn. He comes to ABC 4 after anchoring and reporting at WLFI (Lafayette, IN). He is an MMJ/reporter for ABC 4 and is ready to take on whatever is thrown his way. He started the day of the 2020 VP Debate and hasn’t stopped churning stories and getting to know community members and their stories.

He received his degree in broadcasting from Indiana University in 2018 and was a sports reporter while in college. While his passion growing up was sports, he has developed a passion for telling the stories that matter; the stories of the people.

He received an Emmy nomination while in Lafayette and has also judged the competition.
He loves comedy, sports and cooking.

JB has a twin sister Emily, who lives and works in Cleveland; two older brothers Stefan and Blake, and a dog, Jeter. His hometown is Fishers, IN. Follow him on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or email him at

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