Heather W. Smith

Heather has lived in Utah almost longer than the time she spent running through the swamps of her native Florida. While she doesn’t miss the humidity, she does miss the plethora of strange news stories that give Florida its odd reputation. She was immersed in journalism right out of high school where she covered local personal interest stories for her hometown “newspaper” – there just aren’t the same number of moonshiner stories to cover here in Utah – and moved on to newspaper production during college.

Heather is making her comeback at abc4.com after a 15-year hiatus raising her three daughters. In her previous life, she was a production manager, assistant director, and producer for film and television as well as a scriptwriter. The last few years she has worked with homeless and at-risk high school students. In her spare time, she can be found looking through the lens of a camera or with her nose in a book.

She looks forward to bringing to life stories for the abc4 audience and you can share your ideas with her at hsmith@abc4.com.

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