Dan Pope

Born and raised along the Wasatch Front, Dan Pope attended Viewmont high school, and received his Meteorology Degree from the University of Utah. Dan has been seen presenting the weather for two decades on Utah Television. His experience also includes working for The Weather Channel, in the Midwest as well as the Pacific Northwest.

Dan’s real passion is forecasting Utah’s winter storms, the Great Salt Lake effect, Monsoon thunderstorms, lightning, flash floods and floods, as well as microburst winds. Saving lives and property is a passion he has always made a top priority, while also predicting weather on Social Media, cell phones, tablets and on the web.

It is a thrill to bring back, “Pope on the Porch”, and actually have to be in the same weather he forecasts for everyone else. If a bug infestation hits, Dan deals with it. When the winds blow, he has a double hair spray day, just like everyone else does. When the rain and snow blow in, Dan dawns his umbrella, coat and appropriate outside clothing. That way when ABC 4 viewers watch him, they will know what to wear the next day. And, one thing is for certain, he will never get the weather wrong right now!

Pope believes in accurate forecasting, and presenting the weather in an entertaining and understandable way. Coming home to ABC4 is a thrill for “Dan the weatherman”. He wanted to be a forecaster from the time he was four or five years old, and decided he desired to make it a career as a TV Meteorologist when he turned 12. “Living my dream and working home here in Utah is the best”, Dan says. “It just can’t get any better”.

Dan is married to Diane, and has three sons, Matthew (and his wife Jessica), Steven (and his wife Emily) and his youngest son Ben. Diane found out early about Dan love for the weather. Sometimes she has to remind him to keep his eyes on the road when he is driving; and not to look at the clouds, thunderstorms and snow. She frequently has to make him pull over and sit in the passenger seat if there is too much weather going on. Then she takes over the wheel and Dan keeps his eyes to the sky.

Email him at dpope@abc4.com.

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